Comparing Synthetic Oils: Which Oil Is Right for You?

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When it comes to motor oil, there’s no shortage of choices–not only between synthetic and conventional oils, but also between different types of oils within those two categories. Because those choices can often be overwhelming, we’ve broken down the options for you in this synthetic oil comparison chart. Before getting to the chart, however, it’s important to take a minute to clarify what makes an oil synthetic, and why you might want to use synthetic oil in the first place.

Synthetic vs. Conventional Motor Oil

The key difference between synthetic and conventional motor oils is that conventional oils are made from organic sources, while synthetic oils are just that – synthetic. In other words, a synthetic oil is made in a lab by chemists while a conventional oil is made from fossil fuels that come out of the ground. The reason many people prefer synthetic oils over conventional oils is that synthetic oils are specially formulated to perform better than conventional oils; in making a synthetic oil, chemists will essentially take apart the organic elements that form conventional oil, and then reconstitute them in a way that improves upon the original substance.

Synthetic Oil Benefits

As a result, synthetic oils have a much higher heat resistance than conventional oils, which means they perform better under extreme driving conditions such as towing and extreme weather. They also evaporate slower than conventional oils, which helps to improve fuel economy, and run much cleaner than conventional oils, which is why using a synthetic oil helps keep your engine clean. And because Pennzoil pours at a colder temperature than other brands of motor oil, Pennzoil’s synthetic oils make a great choice for cold winter driving. So if you’ve decided to make the switch to synthetic oil, here’s what you need to know about Pennzoil’s different synthetic oil options:

The reason many people prefer synthetic oils over conventional oils is that synthetic oils are specially formulated to perform better than conventional oils.

Looking for more Advice about Synthetic Oil?If you’re considering making the switch to a synthetic oil, keep in mind that synthetic oil has been proven to provide a better lifetime benefit to vehicles than conventional oil. At the same time, it’s also important to note that while using a synthetic oil can be better for your vehicle, you won’t see the full benefits of synthetic oil use unless you’re changing your oil and filter regularly; even the best oil isn’t a proper replacement for regular oil changes.

If you’d like to know more about synthetic oils, ask us about making the switch when you come in for your next oil change or vehicle service.

Keep in mind that even the best oil isn’t a proper replacement for regular oil changes.

Synthetic Oil Comparison Chart

Pennzoil Gold Synthetic Oil

Pennzoil Gold

  • Synthetic blend oil (made up of a mix of synthetic and conventional oils).
  • Good option for people who may be driving under extreme conditions, or who simply want the benefits of a cleaner engine and better fuel economy, but don’t want to pay the premium for a full synthetic oil.
  • Offers cleaner pistons and more horsepower protection than conventional oil.
  • Helps to clean out the debris that other oils leave behind.
  • All for only a fraction more in price than Pennzoil Conventional oil

Pennzoil Platinum Synthetic Oil

Pennzoil Platinum

  • The first motor oil to be made from natural gas; runs even cleaner that other types of synthetic oils.
  • Better fuel economy, more horsepower protection, cleaner pistons, and better protection in extreme driving conditions than both Pennzoil Conventional and Pennzoil Gold oils.

Pennzoil Euro Platinum Synthetic Oil

Pennzoil Platinum Euro

  • Made from natural gas just like Pennzoil Platinum.
  • Designed specifically to work with European vehicles: American oils can sometimes be damaging to European vehicles, especially high-performance models, as European engines are built to different standards than American ones, and therefore require a higher standard of motor oil.
  • Tested by European auto makers like BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Ferrari, and meets each company’s rigorous standards.

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Synthetic Oil

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum

  • For performance and protection without compromise, Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is the highest quality synthetic oil you can use in your vehicle.
  • Made from natural gas which is converted into a 99.5% pure base, making this the cleanest oil available for any vehicle.
  • Uses with high-performance additives to provide more durability and better engine protection for high-performance vehicles and extreme driving conditions.



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