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Spruce Grove Oil change

From oil stained driveways to old stained couches
we all have those nagging tasks that pop up like a groundhog in the spring.
– You already have a trailer loaded up and you’re ready to head to the dump.
– Maybe you’ve pulled out the pressure washer to clear your concrete of a winter’s worth of oil drips.
One thing is certain: spring is here, and so is spring cleaning.
While home or vehicle maintenance may not be your favourite thing to do, it’s got to get done- but whether it’s waste removal or an oil change, it doesn’t have to be as costly or challenging as you may think.



Dumping an old couch or mattress can not only become time consuming and expensive- it can be nearly impossible if you don’t own a truck.
NEVER FEAR, THE CITY OF SPRUCE GROVE IS HERE! Every year the city organizes a free-cycle weekend where people can pile unwanted items on their lawn without risk of a fine.
For 7 days people will comb the streets searching for treasures which helps their neighbours clear out unwanted items without paying dump fees and clogging landfills (I managed to get rid of a 7 foot long plastic slide! for FREE!).

Once the free-cycle is over the City of Spruce Grove then provides a service called the LARGE ITEM PICKUP .

For 5 days (this year it’s June 6-10) each household is allowed to leave up to 3 large items out for pickup.

According to CSG “Items must be placed at the front of your home by 7 a.m. on your regular waste collection day, even if your carts and blue recycling bags are picked up in an alley. Large items will be collected by different trucks than your regular waste collection.”

How large can the items be? We’re talking about couches, dishwashers, and toilets- OH MY!

But before you load up your lawn there are some items that won’t be collected so make sure to check the list here.


We all have that file… or pile of papers, notebooks, documents, old bills (and maybe even kids artwork that didn’t make the fridge) but what do we do with them? Leaving papers with personal info out on the street in a see through bag seems like identity theft waiting to happen. So they pile up, next to old cables and that computer monitor from 1992 that even the thrift store won’t accept. So what do we do? Just hang on to these things like we’re auditioning for an episode of hoarders?
On Saturday, June 11, 2022 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. in the Agrena parking lot you can bring your documents and have them shredded right in front of you in a secure shredding truck. While you’re at it bring that dusty old monitor with you and drop it off for free! The City of Spruce Grove will recycle it for you.
For more info on this event click here.


Here’s the scenario: the initial snow falls in November of last year, but you’re busy. Rather than shovelling- you parked on top of it. Your vehicle leaks a little oil, drip- drip. you pull out of the driveway and it snows while you’re at work. When you get home you see no evidence of a leak. You could shovel the driveway but you have the groceries to bring in, so you you park, drip- drip-. Flash forward to spring and all of the snow and ice melts away leaving a massive deposit of oil on your driveway. Time to pull out that pressure washer to spray away the stain; but that won’t stop the drip- drip-.

Nobody wants to pay for vehicle maintenance, but now that you’ve gotten rid of your clutter and that house is looking fresh, you don’t want oil stains cramping your curb appeal.

On June 18th EconoLube Spruce Grove is hosting our SUMMER READY EVENT where you will get $10 off our full service oil change all day, free hotdogs and freezies from 11am-2pm, amazing draw prizes and you’ll receive a summer ready checklist for your next road trip. During your oil change our skilled technicians will asses that pesky leak for you. They will help you identify the severity of your leak and make suggestions for repair. EconoLube also offers full automotive mechanical services which means that if a repair is required in order to keep your car and your driveway in tip top shape- we’ve got you covered.

*Stop by our Lube Shop on June 18th from 8am-5pm for $10 off our full service Oil Change #200 – 183 Highway 16A Spruce Grove, AB T7X 4P9

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