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Proper wheel alignment will prevent all kinds of unnecessary damage.

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Is your steering wheel crooked even when you're driving straight? Do you notice uneven or rapid tire wear? Are you experiencing noisy steering or squealing tires? Is your car being pulled to the left or right? If you face these issues, your vehicle may need a wheel alignment.

More information about wheel alignments

Is your steering wheel crooked even when you’re driving straight? Do you notice uneven or rapid tire wear? Are you experiencing noisy steering or squealing tires? Is your car being pulled to the left or right? If you face these issues, your vehicle may need a wheel alignment.

What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment, or tire alignment, is vital to vehicle maintenance. It refers to the adjustment of the angles of the wheels so that they are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground.

Adequately aligned wheels ensure that your car drives smoothly and efficiently, as well as help extend the lifespan of your tires.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Alignment

If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, it’s crucial to get a wheel alignment check:

  1. Crooked Steering Wheel : One of the most common signs of misalignment is a steering wheel that is not centred or straight while driving on a straight road. If you constantly have to correct your steering wheel’s position, it’s time for an alignment.
  2. Uneven or Rapid Tire Wear : Misaligned wheels can cause uneven tire wear. If you notice excessive wear on one side of your tires or if they are wearing down faster than usual, it indicates that your wheels require alignment.
  3. Noisy Steering : If you hear strange noises, such as clunks or groans, when turning the steering wheel, it could be due to misalignment. Ignoring these sounds may damage your vehicle’s steering system further.
  4. Squealing Tires : Misaligned wheels can cause the tires to drag instead of rolling smoothly. This friction makes tires squeal when making turns or even during straight-line driving. A wheel alignment can eliminate this issue and improve your overall driving experience.
  5. Car Pulling to One Side : If your vehicle pulls to the left or right, even when driving straight, it strongly indicates misaligned wheels. This issue affects your vehicle’s stability and poses safety risks on the road.

Importance of Wheel Alignment

Getting regular wheel alignments offers several benefits to both your vehicle’s performance and your wallet:

  1. Improves Handling and Control
    : Proper wheel alignment ensures that your vehicle’s wheels work together as a team, allowing for better control and response while driving. This enhances safety and maneuverability.
  2. Reduces Tire Wear
    : Misaligned wheels cause tires to wear unevenly, resulting in premature tire wear. By aligning your wheels correctly, you can maximize the lifespan of your tires, saving you money on frequent replacements.
  3. Increases Fuel Efficiency
    : Misaligned wheels create additional resistance, requiring your engine to work harder and consume more fuel. With proper alignment, your vehicle will experience less rolling resistance, improving fuel efficiency.
  4. Preserve Suspension System
    : Misalignment can stress your vehicle’s suspension system unnecessarily. Regular wheel alignments reduce the strain on these components, helping them last longer and minimizing the risk of expensive repairs.

Our Wheel Alignment Services

Econolube offers comprehensive wheel alignment services to ensure your vehicle performs optimally and safely. Our highly-trained technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to measure and adjust your wheels’ angles to manufacturer specifications accurately.

Our wheel alignment service includes the following:

  1. Inspection
    : Our technicians will visually inspect your tires, suspension system, and steering components for any signs of wear or damage before the alignment process begins.
  2. Wheel Angle Measurement
    : Using advanced alignment equipment, we will measure the current alignment angles of your wheels, including camber, caster, and toe angles.
  3. Adjustment
    : Our technicians will make the necessary adjustments to bring your wheels back into proper alignment based on the measurements obtained. This process involves adjusting the suspension components, such as control arms, tie rods, and struts.
  4. Final Inspection
    : After the alignment is complete, we will conduct a final inspection to ensure that all four wheels are aligned correctly and perform a test drive to verify that your vehicle is driving straight and smoothly.


Pay attention to the signs that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment. Driving with misaligned wheels can negatively impact your vehicle’s performance, safety, and wallet.

Visit us today and let our expert technicians provide you with high-quality wheel alignment services. Enjoy better control, extended tire life, improved fuel efficiency, and a smoother driving experience.

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Patrick Boily
Patrick Boily
My wife and I have been bringing our vehicle here for oil changes, we recently brought it in for a brake service. The mechanics were knowledgeable and the staff were friendly. Shuttle service was efficient and well communicated with text notifications. The owner was also running the front of the mechanic shop as it is a family run business. We had a great conversation and he was very friendly. Would recommend their services - support local!
Ric Mapplebeck
Ric Mapplebeck
Simply amazing. I've been coming since 2008......
ken campbell
ken campbell
My thanks to Kurt at the 200 183 highway 16a location in spruce grove. I discovered a leaking oil filter that was in stalled by my chev dealership. I was heading out hunting at the time but apparently that dealership didn’t have the 5 min to help me out. I pulled into the the econolube, explained the situation and “bam” Done at very reasonable price. Not to mention the pleasant attitude and willingness to help. Thanks again Kurt. Sorry if the spelling of your name is incorrect.
Rodrigo Silva
Rodrigo Silva
What else can be said but ABOVE and BEYOND. These guys have been serving the Grove well. Not only are they trustworthy but they aim to deliver the highest standard of customer service. Can't recommend them enough.
Paul Quesnel
Paul Quesnel
not bad they try really hard
I bought a used car for my daughter econo lube by the Walmart got me right in went through everything .even though they were extremely busy I never felt rushed answered all my questions Excellent customer service staff is polite and genuinely seem happy when dealing with which unfortunately is getting rarer these days Highly recommend econo lube
Stephanie Jones
Stephanie Jones
My car needed some repairs, and based on my past excellent experiences with Econolube for oil changes and tire service, I booked it in with them for mechanical service this time. I've had 2 appointments over the last 2 weeks to get everything fixed, and they've been fantastic to deal with. Booking the appointments has been super easy, communication with Reuben before and during the service has been great, and pricing is incredibly reasonable. They do not try to upsell on things that don't actually need to be done, and they were willing to work with me on a timeline to get everything fixed, including swapping over winter tires today. They even offered a shuttle service to get me back home after dropping my vehicle off. Thank you Paul, Reuben, and Vanessa for an excellent experience! I will definitely be back for any future mechanic needs.
Kristopher Stad
Kristopher Stad
By far the nicest most helpful staff out there. Owner was on the floor getting in just as well as everyone else, highly recommend this family run business. Edit, on my 3rd different vehicle and countless time of coming to these guys and I stand behind my previous statement. I’d review these guys and give top ratings every single time If google would let me. Cannot recommend enough, use local it is infinitely better
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