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EconoLube's Tire Centre is Your Trusted One-Stop-Shop in Spruce Grove and the Parkland County.

Whether you're looking for a practical new set of tires or new wheels that will turn heads on the highway-

EconoLube has what you need!

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There's never been a better time to buy new tires from EconoLube. Our tire shop has expanded and so have our suppliers. With top-tier tire brands like Toyo, Yokohama, General, Continental and many more- you're sure to find the perfect tires at fair prices. A BRAND NEW SERVICE we now offer is the sale and installation of new wheels. Our partnership with FastCo allows us to connect you with so many wheel options that the list would send you spinning.

What We Offer

We don't make you wait- you can use our FREE online tire quoting tool right now (scroll down). You pick the tires you want or give us a call and we can help you. Once you've sent us that info- we'll get those tires for you in record time. Instead of waiting in a long queue of appointments, our tire techs are on tech during opening hours Mon-Fri and they're happy to get those tires mounted, balanced and ready to roll while you enjoy free coffee or tea in our brand new customer lounge. Want to save even more time? Have those tires swapped over during an oil change and experience pit-crew-style efficiency!

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Signs that Indicate You Need New Tires

It’s vital to know the signs of when to replace your tires to ensure optimal performance, safety, and lifespan of your vehicle. Here are some typical indications to look for:

Worn Treads

Worn or balding treads are the most evident indication your tires need replacing. If the tread depth is less than 1.6mm, it’s time to get new tires. Driving with bald tires is risky as they have less traction, making it challenging to stop or turn, particularly in wet or slippery weather.

Cracking or Bulging on Sidewalls

Cracking and bulging on your tire’s sidewall is also a warning signal that your tire needs replacing. Sidewall bubbles suggest that the tire’s structure has been damaged and is more likely to burst while driving.

Vibration, Noise, or Shaking

If you experience extra vibration, noise, or shaking in the car, it might be due to an unbalanced tire. An unsafe or out-of-balance tire can cause irregular wear and tear, reducing its lifespan quickly.

Choosing the Right Tires for Your Vehicle

Selecting the proper tire for your vehicle can seem like a complicated task; however, with the help of our tire experts, it’s a stress-free process. We can help you consider these factors to get the perfect set of tires:

Road Conditions

Selecting tires designed for your region’s weather conditions is vital to ensure safety and performance. Our experts can help you choose tires suitable for summer, winter, or all seasons.

Vehicle Type

Matching your tire type with your vehicle is also necessary for optimal performance. Picking the correct tire size ensures that your tires’ height, width, and weight meet your manufacturer’s specifications.

Driving Habits

Driving habits impact your tire’s performance. If you frequently drive on the highway, you may need a different type of tire than someone who goes mostly on city roads.

Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) Relearn

At our shop, we ensure that TPMS relearn is included at no extra cost with most of our tire services. This system alerts the driver when the tire pressure drops below the recommended level. A tire with insufficient pressure can cause performance issues, affect fuel efficiency and reduce your vehicle’s overall safety.


Our tire shop wants to help you get the best out of your vehicle by finding the perfect set of tires. Quality tires can improve your vehicle’s performance, ensure safety, and increase lifespan.

Tire Services Location

This service is only available at Econolube Shop 1

Econolube Spruce Grove Garage

EconoLube Shop 1

#8 120 St Matthews Ave.
Spruce Grove, AB, T7X 3B5

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We are committed to bringing you the best in both service and experience

Econolube, a family-owned business rooted in Spruce Grove, is committed to delivering exceptional service and expertise through a skilled team, cutting-edge equipment, a focus on safety, and the provision of warranty-approved services and products. With deep connections to the community, we take immense pride in offering superior automotive care to our local residents, fostering enduring relationships founded on trust and dependability.

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What our customers say

Patrick Boily
Patrick Boily
My wife and I have been bringing our vehicle here for oil changes, we recently brought it in for a brake service. The mechanics were knowledgeable and the staff were friendly. Shuttle service was efficient and well communicated with text notifications. The owner was also running the front of the mechanic shop as it is a family run business. We had a great conversation and he was very friendly. Would recommend their services - support local!
Ric Mapplebeck
Ric Mapplebeck
Simply amazing. I've been coming since 2008......
ken campbell
ken campbell
My thanks to Kurt at the 200 183 highway 16a location in spruce grove. I discovered a leaking oil filter that was in stalled by my chev dealership. I was heading out hunting at the time but apparently that dealership didn’t have the 5 min to help me out. I pulled into the the econolube, explained the situation and “bam” Done at very reasonable price. Not to mention the pleasant attitude and willingness to help. Thanks again Kurt. Sorry if the spelling of your name is incorrect.
Rodrigo Silva
Rodrigo Silva
What else can be said but ABOVE and BEYOND. These guys have been serving the Grove well. Not only are they trustworthy but they aim to deliver the highest standard of customer service. Can't recommend them enough.
Paul Quesnel
Paul Quesnel
not bad they try really hard
I bought a used car for my daughter econo lube by the Walmart got me right in went through everything .even though they were extremely busy I never felt rushed answered all my questions Excellent customer service staff is polite and genuinely seem happy when dealing with which unfortunately is getting rarer these days Highly recommend econo lube
Stephanie Jones
Stephanie Jones
My car needed some repairs, and based on my past excellent experiences with Econolube for oil changes and tire service, I booked it in with them for mechanical service this time. I've had 2 appointments over the last 2 weeks to get everything fixed, and they've been fantastic to deal with. Booking the appointments has been super easy, communication with Reuben before and during the service has been great, and pricing is incredibly reasonable. They do not try to upsell on things that don't actually need to be done, and they were willing to work with me on a timeline to get everything fixed, including swapping over winter tires today. They even offered a shuttle service to get me back home after dropping my vehicle off. Thank you Paul, Reuben, and Vanessa for an excellent experience! I will definitely be back for any future mechanic needs.
Kristopher Stad
Kristopher Stad
By far the nicest most helpful staff out there. Owner was on the floor getting in just as well as everyone else, highly recommend this family run business. Edit, on my 3rd different vehicle and countless time of coming to these guys and I stand behind my previous statement. I’d review these guys and give top ratings every single time If google would let me. Cannot recommend enough, use local it is infinitely better
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