Our friendly, knowledgeable & highly trained automotive service team is here for you. 

From oil changes and brakes to tires and transmissions-

We’ve got you covered!

Our friendly, knowledgeable & highly trained automotive service team is here for you. 

From oil changes and brakes, to tires and transmissions,                                We’ve got you covered!

Radiator Flush

Spruce Grove’s Best Radiator Flush

With Alberta’s extreme temperature swings, it’s important to protect your vehicle’s vital components. If your vehicle’s cooling system is not working optimally, broad temperature changes can potentially cause great harm to the expensive internal components of your engine and heating system, which can result in costly repairs. A cooling system service will protect the inner components of your engine system protected, keeping you on the road.

During every full-service oil change, our EconoLube technicians check the acidity of your coolant and let you know if your cooling system requires service. If your vehicle requires a cooling system service, we will run a cleaner through the cooling system to clean out the build-up of corrosion. This cleaner will run through the entire engine system – radiator, heater core and hoses – to ensure that the system has been well cleaned. We then flush a new antifreeze and water mixture throughout the entire system, and check the radiator hoses and radiator cap to ensure proper pressure is being held.

No appointment required.

Available at both locations

Our Guarantee:

  • • All Maintenance services are performed in front of the customer.
  • • We follow the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals for your vehicle.
  • • No appointment necessary for vehicle maintenance- just drive right up to our door and we will take care of your vehicle’s needs.
  • • Your vehicle’s service records are kept electronically at our shop and are available for you to review at any time.
  • • Customers have the option of paperless invoicing.
  • • Attention to detail and care for each vehicle.

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